I started this blog  after years of discussing how to better support and mentor women in archaeology beyond the occaisional pep-talk and “atta-girl” at professional meetings and conferences.  In that time, I have also come to a keen awareness that “women,” by any spelling or definition is not broad enough to define the breadth of intersections and identities of those I know are actively seeking mentorship and willing to provide it. In this blog I endeavor to provide insight, encouragement and career advice to archaeologist and those in related fields. I hope that most, if not all of what this site provides is useful to the broadest scope of people.

By speaking from my experiences as a womyn, I do not want to exclude or make less of the struggles of those who do not identify as such. My intention is to help a greater diversity of individuals find ways to not just survive – grad school, job searches, peer review, publication, promotion, tenure, etc – but to thrive by finding purpose, sustaining passion, and achieving balance so that those who tell our stories, preserve our pasts, and prepare the next generation can give voice to the myriad intersections and identities of our past, present and future.

What you will find on this site:

  • Personal essays and perspectives on a career in archaeology
  • Guest essays from others examining their own career in these related areas (Please volunteer a contribution)
  • Annotated links to outside sources relevant to archaeology, academia, museums, government, work-life balance, families

If you like what you find, let others know you found it helpful. If you haven’t found it helpful, let me know what would be helpful by using the contact page.  Either way,  get in touch with me about making your own contribution to this site.

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